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Ceramic is a manufactured tile created by baking clay in a kiln and either glazing it or leaving it unglazed.

Unglazed ceramic is porous and absorbs more water, and is consequently impractical for exterior floors, or bathroom and kitchen floors and walls.

Glazing creates a shiny, durable material that resists water damage and stays gorgeous for decades after its installation.

It also offers limitless color and pattern options, including tiles designed to mimic the more expensive natural stones.

Porcelain is baked from clay as well, but it is first combined with feldspar and baked at much higher temperatures than ceramic.

This creates a strong, dense material that can stand up to extreme heats, wet areas like patios, bathrooms and kitchens, and high traffic. Porcelain and ceramic are environmentally friendly options, as the materials required to make them are all natural and the baking process releases no harmful chemicals. Natural stones like marble and limestone are the most expensive, as well as the most beautiful and unique. Different patterns created deep within the Earth before the stone is mined ensure that each block is completely one of a kind.

These materials create a luxurious, elegant look that will retain their appeal indefinitely.

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