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If you are looking to find an electrical contractor, it is important to know what exactly they do. Electrical contractors work with both new construction as well as service and maintenance of previous construction.In terms of new construction, they can help provide electrical items including lighting fixtures, panels and switch gear, switches that power cord-connected electrical appliances, and also other elaborate wiring systems.

Most of this work is done on brand new construction but can also be incorporated into the major renovations of an existing building. Service and repair of electrical equipment is often a common task of electrical contractors as well, and this work is done for both residential and business customers. Most of these operations can be undertaken in a single visit.

Many electrical contractors will also offer maintenance contracts for regular preventative maintenance of electrical systems, or for specific items of electrical equipment.

For the most part, large projects are contracted by electricians through competitive building.For smaller projects, service work is usually billed on a flat fee schedule, or a cost-plus-fee basis, depending on the scope.

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